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on May 15, 2012


Hurray…. Level 8 is done, and alhamdulillah two chapter of Level 9 already finish to disscuss by my level 8 partner. They all great student. I gave them a different ways on studying level 9 chapter. Actually, it’s just my strategy so that students learn more actively. I gave them one ebook of BSE, so they can study at home with it. And before i start the lesson, i’ll give them a QUIZ about what will we learn in one meeting.

This is some QUIZ that we disscuss:

View this document on Scribd

This is the very expensive Quiz, and the students have fun when we disscuss the answer. They can’t easily get the value. one bit of blame and no tolerance. They laugh and scream when they answer have a little mistakes. its true we have a great time… šŸ™‚
Other Quiz on the same chapter you can see on this sribd.
View this document on Scribd

Well… have fun with your Mathematic Quiz, answer it like you are playing games. Finish the level and goes to the next level šŸ™‚


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